Do’s and Don’ts


Blogging does not end on Search Engine Optimizing, but, you also have to focus on building a brand and effective conversations with your consumers. To maintain this, I would like to mention a few do’s and don’ts of Social Media;



  • Keep a trace on customer demands.
  • Be more active on Social Media.
  • Catch up with users. Make conversations.
  • Keep yourself updated with the market situations.
  • Improve Brand Loyalty and create trust amidst the users.
  • Be aware of opponent’s strategies.
  • Keep information up to date.
  • Provide customers with accurate and correct information.
  • Post daily in a scheduled interval.
  • Target people on the basis of statistics.


  • Do not over post.
  • Do not avoid Customer Feedback.
  • Do not insult the users.
  • Never argue with them.
  • Avoid sharing sadness.
  • Do not be fake.
  • Do not use inappropriate language.

Social Media has a great influence over business. People tend to find beneficial feedback over the social media and they recommend a brand to a chain of people. So, one has to be very specific about what they are putting up on the brand page.

To develop s business network over the media is one of the key success. Here, i am attaching a video which explains a few more Do’s and Don’ts.


Few Disadvantages of using Social Media for Marketing:

  • Time Intensive:

Social Media needs interaction, which is a two-way process. So, it is said to be more time intensive. Also, the ideas requires time to phrase properly and the content needs to be scripted before posting.

  • Feedback control:

One of the major drawback of using social platform is negative feedback. The Competitors or the unhappy users posts insulting posts to bring down the manufacturer. Such posts cannot be ignored, but has to be answered quickly to avoid such comments to affect the public relations. These type of feedback’s needs to be tackled very smartly.

  • Attracts Current Users Only:

Another downside of social network marketing is that it mostly attracts the current users of the brand and does not attract new audiences.

Just like a coin has two sides; Social Media has it’s own Pro’s and Con’s.



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2 thoughts on “Do’s and Don’ts

    1. Well, i don’t think the TV is going anywhere because not everyone is able to access the internet while almost 73% of households have at least one TV set in their house. No doubt the Social Media trend is highly increasing, but i honestly don’t think it will take over the Television marketing in the near future. But looking at the statistics, it surely has a power over the magazine marketing.


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