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Social Media is a medium to connect with people over the internet and it has become a very important tool for promoting business online. It is a platform between the consumers and the manufacturers. The use of Social Media for promotion and marketing has immensely grown over this period of time and it has become a very essential part of our lives.

  • Nearly 46.1% of the total population of the world has access to the internet and nearly 2.1 billion people have their social media accounts, 7 out of 10 people are active on their social media accounts and 4 out of 10 people are active over social media applications.
  • The Top 6 Social Media platforms for marketing a business are:
    • Facebook
    • Twittersocial_media_users_statistics_1
    • LinkedIn
    • Instagram
    • Pinterest
    • YouTube

It is important to use social media in a concise and correct way in order to promote a business and for the same, I will be talking about the possible ways of using social media and its benefits in my next blog.






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The Power of Social Media


Development of social media has changed the ways of online marketing. Since last few years, many companies are using social media marketing to create their brand awareness.

Having a social media account has become very essential in today’s time and it is all about being social. One has to understand other’s emotions and their interests before introducing/launching a new idea/product.

Now, I will be going in depth with the benefits of using social media for marketing.

Benefits of Using Social Media:

  1. Brand Awareness:

Uploading your business information over the media would introduce your business to millions of people and with just one click you can make the consumers aware about the idea of your brand.

  1. Feedback:

It is very easy to get feedback and rectify any problems. One of the best things about social media is that you can always stay connected with your consumers and take care of their changing needs. The customers help you improve your business ideas by giving both positive and negative feedback.

  1. Opportunity to know your Audience:

Social platform allows you to get to know your audience’s interest, taste, likes, dislikes, etc. This way you can get better ideas to lure your audience with better ideas. One can also use the mode of advertising to reach to the target market.

  1. Increase the Sales:

It can also help you to increase your sales if it is rightly used which means, if you succeed in marketing your business to the targeted audience then social media could turn out to be a huge roll out.


  1. Improved ranking over Search Engines: 

Google and other search engines keeps a note of your activeness over the social media. If you keep posting updates for your business and stay active, the consumers as well as these search engines would consider you and your business as trust worthy and loyal; and would improve your rankings over the search engines. That way, the consumers will be able to come across your brand faster.

  1. Inexpensive:

The platform of social media is one of the most cost-effective of all marketing strategies. It allows us to gain greater returns at a cheaper cost. It is free for us to create an ID on a social media site.

Getting profits in business is very easy, but it is important to reach to the targeted group to satisfy customer’s needs. Keeping your marketing in boundaries may bring the targeted customers towards your brand. So, as a blogger you must always take care of the Do’s and Don’ts on social media.





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Do’s and Don’ts


Blogging does not end on Search Engine Optimizing, but, you also have to focus on building a brand and effective conversations with your consumers. To maintain this, I would like to mention a few do’s and don’ts of Social Media;



  • Keep a trace on customer demands.
  • Be more active on Social Media.
  • Catch up with users. Make conversations.
  • Keep yourself updated with the market situations.
  • Improve Brand Loyalty and create trust amidst the users.
  • Be aware of opponent’s strategies.
  • Keep information up to date.
  • Provide customers with accurate and correct information.
  • Post daily in a scheduled interval.
  • Target people on the basis of statistics.


  • Do not over post.
  • Do not avoid Customer Feedback.
  • Do not insult the users.
  • Never argue with them.
  • Avoid sharing sadness.
  • Do not be fake.
  • Do not use inappropriate language.

Social Media has a great influence over business. People tend to find beneficial feedback over the social media and they recommend a brand to a chain of people. So, one has to be very specific about what they are putting up on the brand page.

To develop s business network over the media is one of the key success. Here, i am attaching a video which explains a few more Do’s and Don’ts.


Few Disadvantages of using Social Media for Marketing:

  • Time Intensive:

Social Media needs interaction, which is a two-way process. So, it is said to be more time intensive. Also, the ideas requires time to phrase properly and the content needs to be scripted before posting.

  • Feedback control:

One of the major drawback of using social platform is negative feedback. The Competitors or the unhappy users posts insulting posts to bring down the manufacturer. Such posts cannot be ignored, but has to be answered quickly to avoid such comments to affect the public relations. These type of feedback’s needs to be tackled very smartly.

  • Attracts Current Users Only:

Another downside of social network marketing is that it mostly attracts the current users of the brand and does not attract new audiences.

Just like a coin has two sides; Social Media has it’s own Pro’s and Con’s.



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Effective ways of using Social Media for Marketing your Business

Contributor, G (2016, May 26)

For a successful social media marketing campaign, one must work to make their online social presence stronger.

According to my knowledge, here are a few tips for effective marketing on social network:tips-of-removals

  1. Be consistent:

When it comes to the business marketing, you should sure the consistency of your posting. You must have a plan ready about what to post and when to post next.

  1. Use of all social networks:

Everyone has a special preference over certain things. But. When it comes to marketing your brand and getting success in its promotions, then you must create and maintain your business chain on all the social networks. It will be very beneficial.

  1. Different content for each platform:

Maintaining accounts on all social platforms does not mean you have to publish the same content all over. You have to format different content for each platform as per the contents required on each of it. Your posts should be delivering the same message on all platforms, but, with different words.

  1. Focus on the platform which brings more responses:

There will be a platform which will bring better responses than the others platforms. This way you should focus on the social media platform which turns out to give you more success than other social networking platforms.

  1. Make sure your content means the same as the message you want to deliver:

Getting likes and comments on social media is not the end of your campaign. It is a lot more than that. You have to make sure that the content you write, should exactly mean the message you need to convey to your readers.

  1. Ask Questions:

Don’t just post links on your account. But, make your customers involve in having a conversation with you and ask questions which would force them to put their view point in front of you. Create such discussions because social media is for the people and not business. So, try and make the users want to engage with you in a conversation.

Social Media Marketing has the power to improve your public relations by simply having conversations with the audience.

  1. Include Videos:

Few people have the tendency to learn quickly through watching video tutorials. If you want to post suggestions to people, then try to add links which would guide them to the tutorials and you can easily explain your point by those videos.


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